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Herbodil Syrup


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1 Bottle of 100 ml Syrup

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Herbodil Syrup is an ayurvedic product which is a natural and safe remedy for cold and all types of cough, sore throat and choked voice. It overcomes congestion in nasal passage, soothes respiratory passage and helps to improve expectoration (expel phlegm or material from nose).

Herbodil syrup contains herbal ingredients such as talispatra, Miri, Sunthi, Pimpli, Yashtimadhu, Velchi and Dalchini. These ingredients have cooling, pungent effect that corrects throat irritation, effective for cold, cough, asthma and fever, helps in expectoration. It also possesses antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

1 teaspoonful, two-three times a day with lukewarm water for better results.

Use under medical supervision.

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