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Lukoskin Liquid


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1 Bottle 100 ml Syrup

Product highlights
  • Facilitates melanin synthesis
  • Helps to fortify the immune system
  • Provides relief from irritation and the formation of blisters

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Lukoskin Liquid is a polyherbal formulation that is beneficial for skin conditions. This tonic may help restore normal skin pigmentation by improving melanin synthesis. The formulation is developed by the Defence Institute of Bio-Energy and Research, a wing of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Key Ingredients:

  • Vish Naag
  • Babchi
  • Krishn Tulsi
  • Mandook Parni
  • Kaunch
  • Babchi
  • Soluble ash of vish naag

This is indicated in cases of various skin conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces skin irritation and formation of blisters
  • Supports immunity and increases immune response
  • Reduces the appearance of spots formed due to UV light or sunlight exposure


  • Adults: 1 ml to be taken twice a day after major meals, diluted in 150 ml – 200 ml water
  • Children: 0.5 ml to be taken twice a day after major meals, diluted in 150 ml – 200 ml water or as directed by the physician

Safety Information:

  • Avoid acidic (sour) foods, citrus foods (lemon, orange), apple, mango, grapes, tomato, amla, pickles, chilli, curd, lassi, whey, refined flour (maida), and urad dal
  • Cut down on non-vegetarian diet and fast foods
  • Avoid beverages like cold drinks
  • Avoid chemical-based detergents and soaps
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of children

Quick Tips:
For better results, simultaneously apply Lukoskin ointment.

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