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Trazer M Forte Tablet


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Trazer M Forte tablet is a nutritional supplement used in male infertility. Trazer M Forte tablet contains Coenzyme Q10, Elemental zinc, Astaxanthine, Levocarnitine and Lycopene.
Role of key Ingredients:
Lycopene shows 66% improvement in sperms concentration 53% improvement in motility and 46% improvement in sperm  morphology.
Zinc increases synthesis of male sex hormone testosterone that helps in spermatogenesis (which is increases the production of sperms).
L-Carnitine provides energy by converting fat into energy inside the mitochondria and prevents apoptosis thereby increases sperm count.
Co-Q10 generates ATP; >95% of energy inside the sperm is generated by CoQ10.
Astaxanthine is a pigment that acts as an immediate source of energy to sperm cell, increases sperm motility.

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