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Quick Scan Non Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer



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Quick scan handheld non-contact digital thermometer online are premium new designs for easy daily temperature scans at home, offices, and public places.

Non Contact Digital Infrared (IR) Thermometer, non-mercury thermometer for better and the faster scan specially designed for newborn babies and for general temperature check as well. Quick scan Non-contact, non-mercury thermometer for better and the faster scan specially designed for newborn babies and for general temperature check. Newly designed thermometer to avoid the contact with every other individual passing by and protecting from getting infected.

Accuracy & Alarm Function: It has the feature of three alert colors which tells you the temperature along with the color signal where green color means normal temperature, orange means slight fever and the red color means high fever. Arterial heat balance software then synthesizes these readings to determine the body. User Configurable fever alert limit with a visual and sound indication for high temperature.

Feature of the product:

  • Detection– It is equipped with the latest, accurate, and reliable infrared detection technology of international standards.
  • Scan in 1 Second- This non contact thermometer has the feature of scanning the temperature within a fraction of seconds without any technical trouble.
  • Keep 35 set Memory– It has the capacity to record the temperature of 35 people all in one go without creating any hassle.
  • Forehead Mode– It is designed to take temperature from multiple places including forehead mode that comes in general procedure.
  • Ear Mode- The best feature of this infrared thermometer is It can scan temperature through the ear and that is designed for newborn babies as their skin is sensitive and requires the most care.
  • Human to Object Scan- It does not only human temperature but also scans the temperature of any object or the food so it can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Low/ High Fever Warning-  This thermometer has the feature of temperature display. Therefore if you have the normal body temperature it will display green, for slight fever it will display orange and for high fever it shows red colour.
  • Auto Shutdown- Most of the thermometers lose their cell power because of not having auto shutdown feature but this new infrared quick scan thermometer has inbuilt feature of auto turn off feature in it to protect it from wasting cells.
  • Display- Multi-functional LCD Backlight.

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