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Ratan Sudol Body Toner Capsules


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About Ratan Sudol Body Toner Capsule

It is a breast enlargement & breast firming product. It is a natural formulation to make your breast firmer, tighter, enlarged and more curved in appearance.

It is used as a Muscle tightener of the female upper parts. This is a complete Ayurvedic preparation from rare herbs. It is used to tone the muscles. Based on the formula which includes extracts of natural origin, Bust Firming Cream reinforces the triangle of skin which holds the bust the natural bra.

Ingredients of Ratan Sudol Body Toner Capsules

  • Gambhari
  • Majufal
  • Babul –  Babul can cure all problems related to oral health. Babul is used to brush teeth which heal various oral issues related to teeth and gums. Fresh or dried twig can be used. When you are using dried twig soak it in water overnight and use it next morning. A bark of babul teeth can also be used to cure gum and teeth problems. Prepare your tooth powder by combining clove, babul bark powder, and black pepper powder.
  • Kanthkari –  Bronchial asthma, cough, Antipyretic activity, Antidiabetic activity, Anticancer activity, Solasodine as antispermatogenic activity, Hypocholesterolaemic and antiatherosclerotic, Used in Ayurvedic preparations of Dashmoolarishtha, Nidigdhi kwaatha, Devdaaraadi kwaatha and kantakari ghriti
  • Kundru –  fruits have been used to treat leprosy, fever, asthma, bronchitis, and jaundice. The fruit possesses mast cell-stabilizing, antianaphylactic, and antihistaminic potential. In Bangladesh, the roots are used to treat osteoarthritis and joint pain. A paste made of leaves is applied to the skin to treat scabies.
  • Anar Chhilka –  Nutritionists often recommend pomegranate in the diet to reduce weight and control cholesterol. Regular inclusion of fruits in the diet boosts immunity, improves circulation and offers protection from cancers.Certain ellagitannin compounds such as Granatin B, and Punicalagin are found abundantly in the pomegranate juice. Studies suggest that punicalagin and tannins can be effective in reducing heart-disease risk factors by scavenging harmful free radicals from the human body. The fruit is an also good source of antioxidant vitamin-C, provides about 17% per 100 g of the daily requirement. Consumption of fruits rich in vitamin-C helps the body develop ability to combat infectious agents by boosting immunity.
  • Moch Ras

Indication of Ratan Sudol Body Toner Capsules

  • Relieves tiredness, fatigue, delusion and dizziness.
  • Relieves burning sensation, pain and useful in treating fever.
  • It is a very good digestive and carminative.
  • The paste made from its leaves applied on forehead reduces the headache.

Dosage of Ratan Sudol Body Toner Capsules

One to two capsules twice a day with water.

Precaution while using Ratan Sudol Body Toner Capsules

1. Store in a cool and dry place.

2. Use with the advise of the ayurvedic patient.

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