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Abhayrab-PF Vaccine


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Prescription required
Indian Immunologicals Ltd
Rabies vaccine, Human (2.5IU)
1 Powder for Injection in 1 box
Store in a refrigerator (2 – 8°C). Do not freeze.

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Abhayrab-PF Vaccine is given to people who are at higher risk of coming in contact with rabies like veterinarians. It is also given to people after an animal bite if the animal could have rabies. If the vaccine is given immediately and appropriately, it is 100 percent effective.

Abhayrab-PF Vaccine is given by injection by a doctor or nurse. It is administered post thorough washing (for about 15 minutes, with soap and copious amounts of water) of all bite wounds as early as possible. The sooner treatment is begun after exposure, the better. Post-exposure anti-rabies vaccination should always include administration of both Immunoglobulin and vaccine, with the exception of persons who have previously received complete vaccination regimens. It is very very important to complete the course of the vaccine to prevent this fatal disease.

The most common side effects include pain, joint pain, vaccination site redness as well as swelling. They do not normally last very long. Sitting or lying down can sometimes help. Consult your doctor if any of the side effects persist or worry you.

Before having the injection, you should tell your doctor if you have ever had an allergic reaction to a vaccine. Some other medicines may react with the rabies vaccine, so let your doctor know about all the medicine you are taking as well.

Uses of Abhayrab Powder for Injection

  • Prevention of Rabies

Benefits of Abhayrab Powder for Injection

In Prevention of Rabies

Rabies is a serious disease caused by the rabies virus. It is transmitted through the saliva of infected animals. Abhayrab-PF Vaccine is given to people who are at higher risk of coming in contact with rabies virus like veterinarians, animal keepers, hunters, butchers, personnel in rabies research laboratories, etc., or those with a prior visit to areas in which rabies is endemic. The vaccine helps develop immunity by forming antibodies, that protect against infection caused by viruses. Vaccination can also prevent the disease if it is given to a person after they have been exposed. It is to be administered only by or under the supervision of your doctor. You should not self-administer this medicine.

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