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LaxaQuest Senna Leaf, Triphla, Fennal Seed Tablets for Constipation Relief


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Information about Laxaquest Tablet

Laxaquest Tablet is a natural stimulant laxative that helps in providing natural and effective relief from constipation. Formulated with natural ingredients like Senna leaf extract, Triphala extract and fennel seed powder, it provides quick overnight relief from occasional constipation and irregularities and ensures healthy bowel movement. It is based on natural plant ingredients and is safe for long-term usage.
Key Ingredients:
• Senna
• Triphala
• Fennel
• Calcium Sennosides
• Excipients
Key Benefits:
• Provides effective relief from constipation
• Softens the stool
• Regulates healthy bowel movement
• Provides quick relief within 6-12 hours of consumption
• Contains natural plant ingredients
• Safe for regular use
• Has no side effects
Directions for Use:
Take one tablet at night before going to bed or, as directed by the physician.
Safety Information:
• Read the label carefully before use
• Keep out of reach of children
• Do not exceed the recommended dosage
• Store in cool and dry place
• Keep away from direct sunlight
• Consult your doctor before using

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