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Rythmix-Kid Drops


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15 ml Oral Drops

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Rythmix Kid Drop is Nutritional Food Supplement. Rythmix Kid Drop has Micro nutrients which are essential dietary elements that are needed only in very small quantities. Micronutrients includes Vitamins and trace minerals. Even though the body only needs small amounts, they are essential for good health.Micronutrients play important roles in maintaining immune function and neutralizing the reactive oxygen intermediates produced by activated macrophages and neutrophils in their response to microorganisms.Vitamins regulate chemical reactions such as digestion and energy production. Fat-soluble Vitamins, including Vitamins A, D, E, and K, are stored by the body to meet future needs. Water-soluble Vitamins, including B Vitamins and Vitamin C, are absorbed by the body and the excess is removed in urine.Minerals form the structures in the body (calcium in bone, iron in blood) and regulate metabolic processes involving nerves, muscles, hormones, etc.

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