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Dr. Reckeweg R8 Jut-U-Sin Cough Syrup


Dr Reckeweg & Co

Product highlights

  • Helps soothe discomfort due to coughing
  • Helps in reducing violent cough
  • May help with convulsive cough

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Pack Size

1 Bottle of 150 ml Syrup

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Product Description

Information about Dr. Reckeweg R8 Jut-U-Sin Cough Syrup

Reckeweg- R8 is a homeopathic medicine meant for cough and severe disorders related to cough. It contains a blend of herbs, given as below with the uses : Ammonium causticum: Convulsive cough accompanied by plenty of loose mucus. Belladonna: Convulsive cough attack, hollow and barking cough, dry mucus membranes. Bryonia: Harsh and dry cough with pain in the chest. Chamomilla: Convulsive cough,catarrh and hoarseness with accumulation of tenacious mucus in the throat,dry cough,chiefly in the evening and at night. Coccus cacti: Hypersensitivity of the mucosa of the pharynx. Spasmodic cough with viscous glairy expectorations. Corallium rubrum: Violent attack of convulsic cough with choking fit. Cuprum aceticum: Spasmodic cough, viscous mucus, dyspnea. Drosera: Convulsive cough with cyanosis and suffocation, spasmodic asthma. Ipecacuanha: Dry asphyxiant cough with glottis spasm, nausea and emesia. Spongia: Hollow cough, cough at night. Sticta pulm: Cold down from the nose to the pharynx and trachea, followed by bronchitis. Pressure on the root of the nose. Thymus vulg: Expectorant. Uses : Catarrhal affections of the upper air passages. Rhinolaryngopharyngitis, especially bronchitis and whooping cough at all stages. Effective expectorant in chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, fits of coughing in phthisis. Direction for use: Whooping cough: In the beginning of the treatment frequent doses, every 1 hour 10 drops in some water, or one teaspoon (5ml) of syrup. Advisable is, to alternate from hour to hour the cough syrup and the cough drops. After attenuation of the graveness and frequency of the fits of coughing (generally in 2-3 days) take the medicine every 2 hours. In the treatment of non-specific catarrhs, following whooping cough, take 4-6 times daily 10-15 drops in some water, or one teaspoon (5ml) of syrup. Acute bronchitis and laryngo-pharyngitis: Every 2-3 hours 10-15 drops or one teaspoon of syrup. Use under medical supervision.

Additional Information

  • Expiery Date : 2 Year from MFD
  • Packaging : 1 Bottle of 150 ml Syrup
  • Weight in (Kg) : 0.2
  • Width in (cm) : 2
  • Height in (cm) : 2
  • Length in (cm) : 2

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